Healthy Oral Habits

Oral hygiene is a significant part of our daily routines, whether it’s brushing our teeth or flossing at the end of the day, or using mouthwash. However, implementing healthy oral hygiene habits within your daily life is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and seeing significant changes in your oral hygiene and overall health.

Here are some healthy oral hygiene habits you should include in your daily routine:

1. Brush Your Teeth Twice A Day

Brushing your teeth may seem like an obvious one, however, brushing twice a day is essential for maintaining healthy and clean teeth. Remembering this step in your daily routine is a simple and effective way of maintaining good oral hygiene. Brushing again at the end of the day helps in preventing many gum diseases.

2. Remember To Clean Your Tongue

Along with brushing your teeth, cleaning your tongue eliminates harmful bacteria and odors from your mouth and prevents you from developing periodontal diseases. This is an often forgotten step, so make sure to brush your tongue with a tongue scraper or toothbrush every day!

3. Floss!

Flossing is an essential step to maintaining healthy oral hygiene, as it prevents the build-up of bacteria and removes plaque from your teeth in areas where your brush cannot reach. Flossing every day protects you from developing gum disease and removes bacteria that may not be accessible through just brushing. If you do not prefer to floss, you can also use Waterpik or any other interdental brushes. Flossing is a must in your daily routine!


4. Minimize Sugary and Salty Foods

Limiting your intake of sugary and salty foods can reduce your chances of developing tooth decay and plaque on your teeth. This is an important habit to create as it increases the prevention of cavities and bacteria in your mouth and is an overall healthy habit to maintain. Make sure to rinse right after or brush 10 minutes after you eat as well!


5. Have Regular Dental Checkups

Attending routine dental checkups throughout the year is necessary to follow up with your dental hygienist and adhere to any dental complications and issues you may face. It is essential to have your mouth checked and cleaned throughout the year to maintain your oral hygiene and decrease your risk of developing any complications with your oral health. Your dental professional can help you in the early diagnosis of any abnormalities in your oral cavity such as cancer, which is highly important for early detection.

These are just some steps that can help provide you with simple ways of maintaining good oral health in your daily routine. Implementing these steps in your routine can make a huge difference in your oral health, and can help you stay consistent with taking care of yourself.

At Smiles On Wheels, our team of professionals focuses on educating our clients and sitting with families to discuss their oral health routines to make a plan personalized to their families to make it easier for our clients to implement these habits into their daily routines.

Smiles On Wheels is here to educate its clients on their oral health. Clients can call us at 647-969-0008 to learn more about our oral health educational services. As COVID-19 restrictions begin to be lifted, Smiles On Wheels is happy to come free of cost to educate groups of 15+ on maintaining good oral hygiene, alongside hosting oral hygiene workshops. Contact us by email or by phone 647-969-0008 to learn more about what we can provide for you!