About Us!

SmilesOnWheels is a mobile dental hygiene service operating in the Greater Toronto Area. We offer preventive dental care services at flexible hours, AND

We Come To You for all Preventive Dental Care Appointments!

Our team of experienced and registered dental hygienists operate out of custom-fitted vans providing high-quality dental hygiene services at a location of your choice. 

All We Need Is a Parking Spot! 

Focusing on Health and Wellness is extremely important for physical and mental well being. By partnering with SmilesOnWheels you can ensure optimal dental health.

Who We Serve

The Smiles On Wheels team  is happy to serve clients of all ages. Since our mobile dental hygiene clinic comes to you, we are able to accommodate the busiest of schedules.

  • Need to be seen during your lunch break?
  • Require evening appointments after work or school?
  • Have limited mobility or disabilities?
  • Have a large group for a special occasion (prom, weddings, etc.)?

Give us a call, today!  647-969-0008


Why Invest in Oral Health and Wellness?

The Canadian Dental Association predicts that an estimated 4.15 million working days are lost due to annual dental visits or dental sick days. Even if we multiply that figure by the minimum wage rate, the resultant financial and economic loss to a business and the country is massive.

Denying employees paid time off for regular dental check-ups to cut losses might end up doing more harm than good. Delayed dental check-ups lead to worsening of oral health conditions such as severe tooth decay, aggravated gum diseases leading to bleeding gums, bad breath, tooth decay and more. 

If left undetected and untreated, small oral problems can turn into serious oral health diseases. and since oral health is connected to overall health, the damage is not restricted to teeth and gums alone. Plus, treating oral health diseases is more time-consuming and costlier than preventing them. 

According to a report by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, Health and Wellness Programs can potentially cut the absenteeism rate by half and provide employers three times the return on each dollar invested.

Check Out Our Services In Action!

We Bring Smiles To…

Busy Families

Busy families? No worries! We come to you!


Seniors are treated with care at the doorsteps of their homes and/or care facilities!

Special Occasions

Planning an event? We provide group pricing and flexible services just in time for your big day!

Kid Friendly

Kids with disabilities feel more comfortable, safe and protected in and around their home environment!

Balbir Sohi M.Sc., CDTC, RDH

Meet Founder of Smiles On Wheels

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight!
Balbir Sohi is a dental care provider, innovator, entrepreneur and educator. Since 2002, she has been working and striving within the dental hygiene industry. This led her to be the founder of Smiles On Wheels, which is an innovative mobile dental hygiene clinic, showcased on CBC’s Dragons Den. Her goal is to provide effective dental and oral hygiene care in the most efficient way for her clients. Additionally, she founded the non-profit organization, “My Dream Smile “, that not only raises awareness on oral and dental health but also strives to help the less fortunate, through providing free services and oral health seminars in developing countries/communities.

Balbir Sohi is an educator, activist, and a firm believer in sharing knowledge, leading her to produce a TV show called “Health Talk with Balbir”. Alongside this, she mentored the Department of Engineering students at McMaster University

Balbir Sohi has been featured in many Canadian magazines and has been the recipient of various awards, recognitions, and accolades. Some include 40 under 40 by Brampton Board of Trade, Award of Merit by Canadian Dental Hygienist Association, Volunteer Award by City of Brampton, was recognized as one of 350 most influential Sikh female’s globally and RBC’s top 75 immigrants to Canada.

Join Our Team


At Smiles On Wheels we have revolutionized the traditional dental practice and created a successful mobile business model. Here’s how you can be a part of a team of hardworking professionals at Smile on Wheels!

  • Business/Franchise Opportunities
  • Hiring Dental and Marketing Professionals
  • Volunteer Opportunities in the Community

Insurance Accepted.

We deal with insurance companies directly.