The increasing spread of the COVID 19 virus has changed the lives of many individuals across the world, including the world of dentistry. We all have been greatly impacted by the pandemic, and as health care professionals, we are using our training and expertise to help prevent the spread of the virus through infection prevention and control.

At Smiles On Wheels, we want to help provide our patients with the best oral hygiene care, while keeping everyone safe and aware of the extenuating circumstances at hand. It is essential for all clients to follow and adhere to these regulations, as the safety of our staff and clients is our top priority.

Please fill out the following COVID-19 forms before your appointment:

Smiles On Wheels requests all clients to prepare the following before visiting us:

  • Completed self-assessment forms 
  • A water bottle and sunglasses to minimize cross-contamination (gloves and masks will be provided)
  • No guests (Children may be accompanied by parents, who must wear masks and sanitize) 

Within our facilities you can expect:

  • Extra personal protective equipment (PPE) worn by the dental hygienist
  • Aerosol Suction Machine 
  • HEPA Air FIltration System 

Smiles On Wheels understands the impact the pandemic has made on many lives. The global pandemic has affected the oral, mental and overall health of various individuals.

For additional information and updates on COVID 19, visit these sites:

For additional support, with nutrition please reach out to your local food bank: