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Who performs the dental procedures?

At Smiles on Wheels we have experienced registered dental hygienists who preforms the dental hygiene procedures. Our hygienists are multi-cultured and served in the dental industry for over 8 years or more.

What is the specific area that Smiles on Wheels operates in?

Smiles on Wheels currently operates throughout the Greater Toronto Area. If you aren’t located within the GTA do not worry. We can schedule special visits for you if need be!

Do you charge as per the Ontario Dental Fee Guide?

We follow the Dental hygiene fee guide which is lower than the dental fee guide. We provide the convenience of coming to your place and we are pleased to inform you that we deal with the insurance companies directly.

Do you accept insurance or only cash?

We do accept insurance. We do all the necessary paper work required by an insurance company. We accept cash for any co-payment and for those who are uninsured.

What happens if I require additional treatment that you can’t provide?

For any additional dental work you can go to your family dentist. It is recommended to have a dental exam and x-rays once a year.

What if I don’t have a dentist?

We had the opportunity to meet and partner with many dental generalists and specialists. If you require a certain procedure that is outside the scope of general dental hygiene, a referral can be given to a local dentist that will complete the procedure for you.

What if I have very sensitive teeth/gums already?

Depending on the severity of your sensitivity, recommendations may be made to do some desensitizing before, during and after the dental scaling. For sensitive gums we can perform the dental scaling under topical anesthetic gel or cetacaine liquid can be used to reduce the pain.

Do I need fluoride?

Fluoride is a drug. Fluoride has many documented benefits, but it is not needed in every case. If you or your child has indications that a fluoride treatment would be beneficial, I will offer you some options for getting the fluoride you need. Sometimes it’s an in-office treatment and sometimes using a fluoridated mouthwash or toothpaste at home is a better choice. Together we will work to choose a method that will give you the maximum benefit with the minimal exposure.

Is Teeth whitening safe?

Teeth whitening has been around for years and has proven itself safe in most people. Although some short term side effects are temporary sensitive teeth, temporary exaggeration of already white areas on teeth, temporary redness on gum tissues and temporary dehydration of enamel. Although rare, people who have severe sensitivity and who have known or suspected allergy to peroxides or any other material used in the teeth whitening procedure, are obviously not candidates for whitening.

What kind of charity work does Smiles on Wheels participate in?

Smiles on Wheels is a business that likes to think about the triple bottom line. We constantly hold seminars in the GTA and India for the youth and the elderly, that stress the importance of good oral hygiene and its effects on overall health and provide participants with free items that can help them achieve this vital goal. Furthermore, a portion of all revenue generated by the company is donated to the William Osler Health Center, the United Way, and non profit organizations like “My Dream Smile”. At Smiles on Wheels we strive to make the world a healthier and happier place.

How long does Laser whitening last?

Our dietary habits contribute to the staining of our teeth. Teeth whitening can be extended by avoiding colored or staining beverages like red wine, black tea or coffee and foods like curry and beet or habits like smoking. Our diets contribute to external staining of teeth. All forms of teeth whitening either Take-home whitening or Laser teeth whitening or Zoom whitening require maintenance. The teeth will return to the original shade if it is not maintained. Depending on the type of Teeth whitening you do maintenance procedures will vary. If teeth are maintained regularly, they generally remain white and bright for a long time.

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